Creating a multi-database query

I am trying to create a query that can pull from two different database connections. Is it possible to do that in a named query or in a script on a table. What would the syntax look like?

Not possible. You’ll have to merge the results of two different queries somehow.

Is there any chance this feature will be added in later on?

No, it fundamentally isn’t possible. You can’t select columns or join tables or expect one database to understand references to a table or columns in another.

Not in Ignition, at least.

You can either

  1. Push the 'join' logic into scripting, using your own logic you write
  2. Use a DB-specific technology (e.g. PostgreSQL offers 'foreign data wrappers') to let one DB connection (in Ignition) act as a proxy to more than one external DB. In this case the DB you're connecting to is in charge of managing joins, and there may be catastrophic performance cliffs or other issues. You're on your own.