Creating a non visible config page that accept parameters

I’m currently making a module that require a list of equipement that will have several parameters.
I already prepared my config page to have a list of the current equipement and an edit button to be able to edit those entries. All the information of that list are stored in a json string that will be modified. My problem is the following :
To create a config page i’m inheriting from ConfigPanel and i have found no way to get the parameters that i sent to the page in the url.

Is there any reason you aren’t using the provided PersistentRecord architecture? If you defined a record to hold one piece of equipment, it would be trivial to show a list of these (RecordActionTable) and pages to edit/create (RecordEditForm). You don’t use url parameters–navigation context is carried in the session natively by Wicket. You just carry the instances in your objects via their constructors.

I didn’t saw the RecordActionTable object previously.
I’ll look into it.
Thank you

Everything works perfectly thanks to your help ( only remaining issue is the config page menu name not found). It was definitly the right object to use.

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