Creating a Perspective tag-drop view (almost) [solution]

Following on from my question Single tag, tag-drop Perspective template - #2 by cmallonee I offer the following solution.

User requirements

  • Create a reusable view that can take a tag path as a parameter.
  • The view will then display the tag name, formatted value and engunits.
    The challenge to be overcome is that Perspective doesn’t apply the format automatically.

Create the view as shown below.

Use it as shown below

  • Create an embedded view.
  • Select your new view in the props.path dropdown.
  1. Right-click on the tag you want displayed.
  2. Copy path.
  3. Create props.params.tagPath.
  4. Paste in the tag path from 2.

The finished result
Perspective tag-drop view result

Note that it does require that you name your tags sensibly and assign the engineering units and format string. If you’ve badly named tags you could use the documentation field instead.

I hope this helps someone.

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What’s to excuse? I think Fahrenheit has the ideal range and precision for human use:


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You’ll enjoy John Finnermore’s take on the °F/°C topic.

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