Creating a Power table of realtime values

My goal is to improve the way the table is created. This table's purpose is to show Realtime values.
This is the shared script creating the table.
Shared Script Systems Overview.txt (30.7 KB)

This is the binding on the data property of the power table.
Systems Overview Data Binding.txt (1.2 KB)

Here is part of the table. It has 28 columns and 45 rows. The rows will get larger in the future.

I'm not sure what you're asking for here, but more than 50 lines of code could be eliminated from your script with the following refactor:

def combineDatasets(DS1, DS2, DS3, DS4, DS5, DS6, DS7, DS8, DS9, DS10, DS11, DS12, DS13, DS14, DS15, DS16, DS17, DS18, DS19, DS20, DS21, DS22, DS23, DS24, DS25, DS26, DS27, DS28, DS29, DS30, DS31, DS32, DS33, DS34, DS35, DS36, DS37, DS38, DS39, DS40, DS41, DS42, DS43, DS44, DS45):
	headers = ["t_stamp","Well","GPU","<HTML><center>Flow Rate<BR>-MMCFD-","<HTML><center>Total Gas TDY<BR>-MMCF-","<HTML><center>Total Gas YDY<BR>-MMCF-","<HTML><center>Tubing<BR>-PSI-","<HTML><center>Casing<BR>-PSI-","<HTML><center>9 5/8<BR>-PSI-","<HTML><center>13 3/8<BR>-PSI-","<HTML><center>Surface Casing<BR>-PSI-","<HTML><center>Sand Trap<BR>-PSI-","<HTML><center>Separator<BR>-PSI-","<HTML><center>WH Static<BR>-PSI-","<HTML><center>WH DP<BR>-PSI-","<HTML><center>Midstream<BR>-PSI-","<HTML><center>Delivery Static1<BR>-PSI-","<HTML><center>Delivery Static2<BR>-PSI-","<HTML><center>Filter Sep<BR>-PSI-","<HTML><center>Filter Sep DP<BR>-PSI-","<HTML><center>Dew Point<BR>-LB/H<sub>2</sub>O-","Choke","<HTML><center>Brine Flow<BR>-BBLD-","<HTML><center>Today Water<BR>-BBL-","<HTML><center>Yest. Water<BR>-BBL-","<HTML><center>Tank 1<BR>-BBL- ","<HTML><center>Tank 2<BR>-BBL- ","<HTML><center>Tank 3<BR>-BBL- ","<HTML><center>Tank 4<BR>-BBL- "]
	data = []
	for i in range(46)
		dataset = DS + str(i) 
		row = []
		for column in range(29)
	return system.dataset.toDataSet(headers,data)

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Thank you! This is what I was looking for, I will give it a try.

Yes, @pturmel this is a solution to the issue on this topic.
It is not related to the other topic, where it was posted.
Two separate issues/topics.
Creating the table and then moving the table data into a SQL table.