Creating a simple data capture front end in ignition

Hi I have been teaching myself the basics of ignition through the free university training sessions & I’m plodding along steadily - but would like to try building some projects by following a step by step guide etc…
What I’m interested in is - is there a repository of best practice free sharing of templates etc.
As an example a data capture form that captures typical MES data. I am reaching out to an integrator for a work project over the next few months, but wanted to have a play myself to gain a better background understanding - typically by reverse engineering some stuff that’s already been created or following step by step guides, are there any scrips (YouTube or other) that will walk though step by step building some simple UI data capture forms (that feed & lookup values from a SQL table)

Thanks all.

Take a look here if you haven’t already, there are some neat community contributions for the Ignition platform on Ignition Exchange:

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