Creating a tag that records a cumulative total of parts being made in a shift, storing it at the end of the shift and then resetting it to 0

Rather than creating plc logic, i want to accomplish this task within perspective.

The application deals with 2 scales. called North and South, that hold an empty box each. When the box is filled, the material goes to the other box and the Operator removes the first box and replaces it with an empty box. This repeats for the entire 12 hour shift which runs from 7 to 7.

I shall create memory integer tag called Total Weight. Everytime I get a signal from the PLC tag, I want to add the weight of the box before the Operator removes it, to the Total Weight tag. At the end of the shift, I want to store this Total Weight tag into another Tag, and then clear the tag for the oncoming shift.

What’s a suggestion for a newbie user like myself?

Store each box weight in the database. You can then query the database for total production, or production on one side or the other, what time each box is completed, etc.