Creating a text read out to display PowerFlex 525 faults based on fault integer tag

I am working with a PowerFlex 525 and want a text display that will give a readout of the fault based on the VFD’s integer tag. It would be nice if it went into a table and one object changed text based off this value instead of having to do separate objects changing visibility for every fault. I am working in Studio
5000, VFD is on revision 2.003, and I am working on the newest version of Ignition Vision.

Assuming its one tag, you can use PARAM with a style. based off of the value, will change the custom style, you can control color, text, etc…

Create an expression tag that maps integers to text.

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I did this with a client tag, see attached. I grabbed these from a FTView application. You could also shove into a database table. (3.5 KB)

Here is a link to the drive’s documentation

There are about 30 fault codes, and each code has a name, type, description and action.

Given that VFDs should not be faulting that often, I’d prefer to see all of this data in a DB table somewhere, and then do a lookup based on fault code. This would give you flexibility and keep all of the information in one location (especially if you are displaying faults for multiple drives)

+1, although a dataset tag should be acceptable for only 30 lines.

+1 for an expression tag. You could use a dataset tag as well to store the faults and use the lookup function to get the description. This way you’re defining the tag value at the source rather that at the component level, so it’s far simpler to display at the component level