Creating absolute addressing tag from siemens for bits in an INT

I’m trying to pull from tia portal a bit from an INT.
The Int tag lies an a Database (100) with an offset of 3, all 16 bits are occupied and I’d like to get the bit value’s

Would I then configure the tag editor as boolean if I’m trying to get to the bit value?
And would it have the structure as:


or would I have to use " IX "?

I’ve been told that reaching for the bits of an int from tia portal to siemends was a bit difficult but because of the way the int’s are structures in siemens, but im not so sure how to go about it.

Thank you all

With our driver you’d have to address 2 offsets:

[Siemens_Device]DB100,X3.0 through [Siemens_Device]DB100,X3.7


[Siemens_Device]DB100,X4.0 through [Siemens_Device]DB100,X4.7

The ‘X’ address syntax is always operating on just a byte.

Got it!
Thank you