Creating Alarms for Tags

We are looking for a way to allow our maintenance crew to choose what alarms they want to be able to get alerted about. Whether it is min/max on motor torque or water sensor in a panel, giving them the ability to choose what they want to see in their emails. We also don't want to have to set tag individual tag up with an alarm. So is there was script to create alarms for tags.

Preferably we would like to make a GUI that our maintenance guy can have access to and have maybe drop down menus with that tags that they can pick from.

Are you using notifications consolidation ?
If not, here's what I did when I had something similar to do:
A database table, with a row for each user, and a column for each alarm.
You could probably flip that, I don't think it matters much.
Then I had a page with a table that checked for the logged in user and displayed a checkbox for each alarm, which would be used to update the database.
Then, for notifications, I used a calculated roster that would filter users out based on the configuration stored in the database.

If you're using consolidation... I don't know. But this method won't work, calculated rosters and consolidation don't play nice.

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