Creating Custom Property as a template for all the tags


Please Guide me, I want to create a Tag custom property as template that has to be reflected in all the tags which i have added in tag provider.(For Example: Alarm Config in all the tags)

Hello Saranraj,

It sounds like you may be trying to create a UDT. I suggest taking a look at the Ignition manual regarding designing UDTs. Inductive University also has some examples on how to create UDTs with respect to alarms configs as well. I have linked both sections for Ignition 8.1 below. If you are having any trouble understanding specific sections in the manual, please continue to share your questions in the forums or reach out IA support.

UDTs in 8.1: User Defined Types - UDTs - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

Inductive University section for Alarms: Browse the Lesson Library at Inductive University

If you’re coming from a clearscada background where you can add custom properties into the schema of specific tables/tag types, then no, you’re not able to do that in Ignition. You will have to add your custom properties to every tag manually, or do it via script. Adding them into tags in a udt definition will
mean they’re available in the UDT instances as well so no need to add them to udt instance’s tags