Creating custom XML files for use by third party control system

I have been tasked to interface production schedule data with a third party vendor who’s system controls some batching components of a larger system. They require recipe data to be provided via xml files.

My question: What is the best means to create these files in Ignition?
I understand that the standard python library has xml write functionality. Is there anything in Ignition other than python scripting to facilitate this functionality?


Cesar’s incendium package might help you out. Specifically, the dataset to xml portion.

No. XML is all over the map. You’ll have to script it, either with a simplification layer like Cesar’s, or base libraries of jython or Java.

That is what I was expecting to hear. I was hoping there was something to make this a little quicker. This requirement has been dropped on my last minute (as in last Friday and the other vendor what’s their system running this week!). I appreciate the input. I have looked into the etree library and I’m sure I will be able to do what is needed with it, just not as quickly as others would like. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input!