Creating Dynamic Pens in Perspective PowerChart

I am passing a dataset of tags into a view containing a PowerChart component. In the custom view properties, I am taking the dataset and creating the pens dataset. This custom property is then bound to the props.pens of the PowerChart. My pens are trending, however no matter how many pens I select to trend they are all the same color. Below is my script to create the pens dataset:

def transform(self, value, quality, timestamp):
	import random
	def rgb_to_hex(r, g, b):
		return('{:X}{:X}{:X}').format(r, g, b)
	type = 'line'
	interpolation = 'curveLinear'
	breakLine = True
	pens = []	
	for val in value:
		r = random.randint(16,255)
		g = random.randint(16,255)
		b = random.randint(16,255)
		stroke = {"color": rgb_to_hex(r, g, b)}
		normal = {"stroke":stroke}
		styles = {"normal":normal}
		data = {}
		display = {"type":type,"interpolation":interpolation,"breakLine":breakLine,"styles":styles}
		name = val[val.rfind('/')+1:]
	return pens
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