Creating Excel sheet in Ignition

Hi All,
I m looking to create Excel Sheet in Ignition where i can enter some data and apply some filter option as well.
Anybody has tried this?

Do you mean while still in an Ignition client? That wouldn’t be possible.

If you mean export and open in Excel for external processing, use the Apache POI libraries that come with Ignition–you will have total control of the export.


Thanks for reply. I m maintaining one excel sheet locally on my laptop that i want to shift on ignition. Maintaining excel in ignition is not possible but is there any way where i can maintain excel information in Ignition. Some component like tables I can use to make it excel, would it be feasible?

I guess it would depend on what kind of calculations you need. Well, a Power Table can be made to mimic a spreadsheet, but you need to do all of the formulas separately. (Not trivial.)

If what you are doing with the spreadsheet would make sense for a database, then certainly.

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If the spreadsheet is just raw data, I would save it as a csv, set up a database, and then import the csv file to the database to quickly populate your tables with the existing data. Then just create a database connection in ignition, and bind a power table to the database to display the data.

If formulas are involved to manipulate the data in some way, I would follow a similar process, but the calculations will need to be done in a database view or in the power table itself using scripting.

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