Creating Historical Chart for Touchscreen


I’d like create a dynamically updating, touchscreen implementation of the Easy Chart. The Easy Chart layout and visuals are very nice however I’ve struggled with dynamic updating. Can I bind a queryTagHistory Dataset to the Easy Chart in a similar way to the Classic Chart? If not, is there a way to enable the xTraceTrackMouse in the Classic Chart or have the xTrace move through button pressing?



Not with Ignition’s chart components. It is possible with the NoteChart module. Both the NoteChart and EasyNoteChart components use an enhanced XTrace algorithm that includes scriptable properties.

Thanks for the quick response! So If I want to dynamically update a tag history graph to with tags specified by a button press the best way to do that would be to either create a classic chart with queryTagHistory or use addRow with 20 values to Tag Pens in Easy Chart?

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I would simply make a static copy of the tagPens dataset from a properly configured chart and save it in a custom dataset property on the button. The button’s actionPerformed script would just assign that static dataset to the chart’s tagPens property, and presto!, those are the pens displayed. Only use addRows when you want to build up a chart from multiple combinations, and take care to not double-up any of those rows.

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