Creating Image Component though a script

Is there a scripting method for creating new image components and placing them in windows?

I can’t seem to find an appropriate method

Unless something has changed you can’t do that.

Two options: place all the components you expect on the screen and then hide/show them through scripting or, if you really need dynamic screens, use the paintable canvas and go nuts with java2D

I thought there might not be a method, but one can hope.

You can also just throw a bunch of those images on a window randomly using the copy-paste method, and then using scripting to alter the properties of those components. You would have to get an instance of the root container (event.source.parent, or getWindow().getRootContainer(), for whatever scope you are using) for the window, and then iterate through all the components in a window using getComponents(). This will return an array of components that you can iterate through and change properties of.

Is there a more in depth list of all the scripting functions possible?


[quote=“njsd”]Is there a more in depth list of all the scripting functions possible?


Our scripting functions are listed in the user manual in Appendix C. Then, of course, there’s all of Java and Python.

Yes, your user manual has most of the methods, but for example:

The getComponents() method is extremely useful and not listed anywhere that I can find.

Are there more hidden gems?

Those are Java methods. There’s a million hidden gems, because you have access to Java and Python through scripting.

We don’t have a list compiled anywhere of any especially useful methods though. For most users diving into the Java or Python stuff is too complex.

OK, thanks for your help!