Creating Links to open pdf files

I need to create a way to link part numbers in my database to blue prints stored on a server.

The goal is to pick the part number from a drop down on PMI and have it display the print to the screen in either a picture box or with the report plug in.

All the files are stored in the same location so the path will always be C:\Drawings\Blue Prints\‘The name of the file.pdf’. The file name is always the print number as it is stored in the database.

Is there a way to come up with an expresion statement that will point to the correct folder and supply the last part of the file name from the drop down box?

Sure, this should be simple to set up - simply select the PDF name into a dynamic property using a SQL query binding.

Then bind the “path” property of the PDF viewer component in the Reporting plugin or the Acrobat component in the ActiveX plugin using an expression binding.

Hope this helps,

Carl directly answered your question. Just so you know, alternatively, you could open the .pdf file externally from FactoryPMI, most likely with Adobe Acrobat. You would use the fpmi.system.execute() Jython function in this case.

Doing it within FactoryPMI is the recommended choice since it’s more supportable - you don’t depend on what’s installed on the client computer. This approach is sometimes preferable, such as if users are viewing complex documentation like repair manuals.