Creating many instances of a data type when AB Logix PLC tag is an array

I typically use the instance name of the datatype in the OPC Item path so that I can make many instances of the data type by using the multi-instance wizard:

However, this time my tags in the Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC are in an array, so the tag name has [#] in the name. “[” is an illegal character in the instance name, so I cannot use the instance name for the OPC item path. Does anybody know a clever way around this? I have >1000 instances of this datatype and do not want to create them manually.

system.tag.addTag() gives you flexibility to do nearly anything. I’ve used it to script the creation of many UDTs with overrides to match SLC 5/05 tags with consistent–but different–offsets for various bits that would become part of the UDTs.