Creating new default settings Gateway

Would it be possible to add the ability to create a new default gateway?
It seems strange that we have no reliable way to create a new blank gateway for a new project.
Currently we have to restore a Gateway backup from another project, and delete / hack away at things to get it how we want.

Would it be possible to add a feature to select “Create New Gateway” that will reset the current Gateway to some sort of Default state?

Or provide a gateway backup from Inductive Automation downloads section that serves the same purpose?

You can always just stop the gateway, delete the config.idb and autobackup folder from data/db, then start the gateway.


Would uninstalling and reinstalling serve the same purpose? Seems like that would be a fast solution.

I’ve used uninstall/reinstall before, works great and fairly quick. Now though I just keep clean Gateway pre-installed on a VM template.

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I guess it wouldn’t be that hard to set up a Gateway backup as desired and save that as a blank template.

I don’t like the idea of uninstalling and reinstalling an application just to get a new file but i guess with Ignition it isn’t too painful.

Is that we need to follow anyone of the methods mentioned in the thread for creating a new Gateway for different projects?

Certain things are really good in Ignition, but its lacks certain basic things which are available and easy to use in other products.

I am very new to Ignition, so I came here looking for an answer to this same thing. Since we will be creating many projects for different customers using the same basic layout, UDTs, templates, etc., I was thinking that I would create a base project gateway which could be restored to start a new project each time. Since we typically develop HMI projects on our laptops, then back them up to install at the customer sites, I am guessing this would be the best way. Is this what others would think is the best practice for this?

I haven’t been able to do it yet, but using inheritance projects with ignition 8 is probably tje best way.
The gold certificate course touches on this. But there is also material on the University videos explaining it

This actually worked! Thank you!