Creating one gateway with 4 identical sessions except for one property

I have a gateway I am creating which has four separate but identical ‘cells’. Each cell will have its own set of tags based on four different plcs. I want to essentially create one cell UDT for each cell with the only difference between these UDTS being the cell designation (eg. C2, E4). Each cell will have its own perspective session running from that one central gateway. What is easiest way to create these four sessions/clients using that cell designation? Would I have to create some sort of session property, have that session property relate to the different cells, and then use that session property to in tag bindings throughout the session?

Precisely. Call this string property “tagpath” and everyone else around here will understand you, too.

Thanks! tagpath makes sense for sure.

I did notice in project properties the following


I am essentially taking an existing vision project and using that as a base for the perspective project. This vision project had two “cells” which were not identical but pretty similar. Would this default provider essentially be my session property I could use? What exactly does this default provider do? In this case I have two folders with similar tags, one called C2 and one called xD. Lets say most of the tags start with Cell/… And I have tags using Cell/… Would I actually need to include the [C2] for the tag path or since it would only be looking at similar tags within this C2 folder (compared to xD folder) this tag provider would be a built in way to reference the different cells?

I would design the project’s views to expect the supplied tagpath to contain the provider prefix, too.

Thanks. I tried finding this property and couldn’t access it. Where can I find this if I were to include this in an indirect tag binding? Also related to session properties this same project I am converting from vision to perspective has vision client tags.
Would these be considered the same as perspective session tags/properties and how would I create these in perspective?

I did see where you can create custom session properties. Here is an example of what I think you mean about including it in the indirect tag path.

This what you meant? Thanks.

No, I would make it an input parameter property on your view. Include that in your indirect binding.