Creating OPC Tags in an offline development environment

I’m building a project in version 7.9.4 of the Ignition product. The design/build environment does not have access to the PLCs (real or emulated) that will be used in the system. The PLCs being used are AB Logix 5000. Is there a way to take a tag export of the PLC(s) tag database and import that into my Gateway/Project? Is there a preferred (best practice) way to create this configuration offline (with respect to the PLCs)?


I would recommend looking at Importing and Exporting Tags section of the ignition online manual. Basically you will have to transform the export of your PLC tag database into a structure that Ignition understands.

I'm assuming you mean creating the OPC tags in Ignition. We have created macros that produces the XML so that we capture the alarms we want to configure for the tags. Specifically this marco converts a InTouch tag dump to Ignition XML: import file.
Using the CSV format will allow you to create the tag structure, you just don't get alarm configuration.