CReating Report

Hi all,

i know this is gonna be a really really stupid question,i try to find it in the forum and inductive university as well but got no answer. ok

so my question is, if i want to create 5 different reports, should i create 5 report viewers or can i use one report viewer for 5 different reports? if i can use one report viewer, please show me quick path to do it.

i have created one report, but i cant find how to add new report, there is only add pages. :prayer:

ignition 7.7

Thanks a lot.

I haven’t tried these answers so I don’t know for sure…

I would think you could have multiple reports in the same viewer. Use something on the same screen to let your users select the report they want. (A dropdown list would probably work.)

To create multiple reports right click on the “Reports” part of your project and click the “New Report…” option.
(Your current report should be nested under the “Reports” part.)

I’m using Ignition 7.8.1 so your results may vary.

Not with 7.7. The reporting module was revamped for 7.8, so it’s now possible to do.

so, do you mean its not possible in ignition 7.7.7, and i have to create 5 diffrent viewers right?

i think i have no choices.