Creating Reports with no Data Sources and only parameters

Howdy y'all,
I recently created a report in Ignition and I found it easier to use parameters with some expressions vs using data sources. (Picture attached)

I guess I'm just concerned that this might have been done incorrectly. Is it ok to create a report using just parameters? If it is bad then how would I go about incorporating data sources?
Thanks in advance for any help.

If it does what you want then it's fine. I've done something similar to make a machine parameter report comparing tag values and recipes from a CSV file (and no database queries).


  1. Underline is used for links and nowhere else in professionally created documents. (Check your newspaper, financial reports, professionally created posters, advertisements, etc. Wherever you see underline you can assume "amateur".) Use bold and italic for emphasis - but sparingly. If everything is emphasised then nothing is emphasised.
  2. Right-align numeric columns so that magnitude of numbers is easier to read. Use padding to leave some space at the border. e.g.,
    Best Practices in Table Design - Science Editor
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Thanks for the response and tips. The link is also very helpful. Much appreciated. The reason I underlined everything is because I wanted the table to be easier to read. I tried to set up alternating row colors so it would be easier to read but it won't work. Any tips on that?

I think I used a faint bottom border for each cell. Click on the @columnName@ in the body of the table and have a look at the Property Inspector → Properties tab. You just need enough to guide the eye without introducing visual clutter. (Reconsider the grey backgrounds too (- or make them a very light grey.)

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