Creating scroll down option on Table, is it possible ? if yes how

I have created data set using following script
### get project properties dictionary and assign site name, site and HMI providers, and network status values
siteName = 'VA184-SITE'
tagProviderHmi = '[VA184-HMI]'
tagProviderSite = '[SITE]'
aiHeaders = ['CB Name', 'CT Number', 'Raw Value', 'DC Current','Performance','Enable']
aiData =

for i in range(25):
	cb_name = 'CB ' + str(i);
	ct_name = 'CT ' + str(i);
	rawValuePath = tagProviderHmi+'PCSs/PCS 1'+'/Inverter 1/DC Inputs Raw /CT ' + str(i) + '/Current'
	dcCurrentPath = tagProviderHmi+'PCSs/PCS 1'+'/Inverter 1/DC Inputs/CB '+str(i)+'/DC Current'
	performancePath = tagProviderHmi+'PCSs/PCS 1'+'/Inverter 1/DC Inputs/CB '+str(i)+'/Performance'
	dcCurrent = system.tag.readBlocking([dcCurrentPath])[0].value
	performance = system.tag.readBlocking([performancePath])[0].value
	rawvalue = system.tag.readBlocking([rawValuePath])[0].value
	enable = 'true'

value = system.dataset.toDataSet(aiHeaders,aiData)

return value


Now i need to put scroll down option for CT Name since user should be able to change as per the field.
I have two questions :

  1. How to put scroll down on table one coloumn, and
  2. once put how should i change the script to reflect in data set.

Thank you