Creating session style tags

Hi I am just moving over to perspective & I am taking a steep learning curve!

I am stumped at the moment - but I know what I know.

In Vision so that I could have unique items stored within my vision client window I used to use Vision client tags.
An example of this - I have an application that I launch on 50 different production lines. it is basically a data collection tool.
I select the line I am running from a drop down and this is stored locally as a client tag - all of the client information is stored locally so I dont need specific apps for specific lines.
In perspective I cant use Client tags..

The problem I am trying to solve is:
I want to design 1 perspective app, that I can launch on multiple lines - choose the line from a dropdown (have the session remember what dropdown was selected when I move from window to window) and based on the drop down selected map the data to OPCUA tags.

Example Line 1 could be tag : PLANT_01_01_01_/INPUT/RPM.value (where plant 01 is this could be 02,03 depending on the plant selected, the next 01 would reference the line, the next 01 the operation etc.... So that I can get each session to point to the right tags I think I can do this with Props. but how do I get the drop down to remember what I had selected after I have navigated away from the session window to another page? as I said still learning and its likely a school boy error on my behalf.. any help / links to vids would be appreciated. ive done the extended perspective module in the university and that helped a lot.

Session custom properties are one way to do this:

  • In Project Browser select Perspective.
  • In Perspective Property Editor go down to SESSION CUSTOM.
  • Hit the + icon and create the property.
  • Create a bi-directional property binding from the dropdown to your new custom property.

One caveat: this property will apply to the browser session so you won't be able to select different views on different browser tabs. Let us know if that's an issue.


The perspective equivalent to client tags is session custom property.
Open the main perspective page (click on perspective in the project browser or on the image icon), and you'll find the session props on the right.

There are built-in props, and custom props, where you can create your own thing.

Important note: Don't abuse session customs. It's tempting to stuff a bunch of things there to make them easily accessible, but it quickly becomes hard to manage. Keep them for data that is truly session scoped.
Instead, use view parameters when possible.