Creating Transaction Group with Custom Index, fails to create Trigger sometimes

Hi Guys,

I am creating some Transaction Groups where I want to use a Custom Index Column called ‘id’. I have found that sometimes “Ignition” will create the ‘id’ column in the DB table but it fails to create the Trigger and Underlying Sequence that does the auto increment. Usually I will drop the table and delete the Transaction Group and start over from Scratch. Does anyone know the exact order of operations to make sure a Custom Index is created for a new Transaction Group?

Next time I will make sure I have all Item Names in place, Table Name Specified, Create Table checked, and “Use Custom Index” checked.

If it still fails to create the Trigger and Underlying Sequence I will just try to create those Database objects directly. I am using an Oracle DB. Ignition 7.9.5

Setting the “use custom index” is telling Ignition not to create the index and/or sequence because you are supplying a custom one. The whole point is that you will be doing it yourself.

It’s my fault I made the table name too long, so when the “Ignition Database subsystem?” failed to create the Sequence and Trigger because it appends Trig and Seq to table name to make respective Sequence and Trigger. I Recreated Transaction Group with a Shorter table name and the Custom Index and Auto increment work. I didn’t have to manually create any Sequences or Triggers, just had to shorten the new table name

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