Creating UDT raw. structure query

Hi guys

I’ve created some UDT’s in designer using the tool. I’ve got quite a few more UDT’s to do, that all have a long list of different Booleans. I’m looking to create an excel sheet where i can paste the UDT structure directly from Tia Portal program, to create the UDT for ignition.

I’ve exported a couple of UDT structures that I’ve already made, all following similar properties on alarms and historians. But it seems the raw file for each one doesnt show the same order everytime i.e. for one export the the historian property will show near the beginning of the code. on the other at the end - which is fine but when I try to create a one following either structures, I get an error importing.

In short, I cant find it in the manual to see what the actual raw structure is for UDT’s. where’s the best place to look?

Thank you

Export the UDT definition. Edit that to add many booleans. Import it to replace the old definition.

It doesn’t matter what order the json dictionary keys and list items are in. It would be nice if they were consistently sorted though when the structures were copied… What are the errors you’re getting?