Creating x-bar r-chart in vision

I’m trying to create a X-Bar R-Chart using the easy Chart in vision. please help me to know can i create x bar r chart by using easy chart or which chart is suitable and also how to draw the horizontal lines (control limits).


i want to create like this.

The traditional Chart component is IMNSHO the best component for this task.

Probably the simplest way is to add datasets to the component using the Chart Customizer and then configuring the renderer as needed. You just have to fill the datasets with appropriate data for the renderer to produce the result you need.

There are other less trivial ways of accomplishing this using the JFreeChart package, which if you want to go that way I can also help with.

Ignore the date this screenshot is really old. Never the less, these were done in Ignition.

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i didn't find such component in my component palette. where can i get this component?

It should be there. It's called 'chart'

i created the chart but i am not able to create the horizontal lines for refer control limit, upper and lower control limit. please guide how to create these lines.

Please suggest me how to create the horizontal lines(control limit, upper and lower control limit)

It's simple. Simply add a custom dataset property called limits, or add columns to the existing dataset property.




Thankyou Justin !

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