Cross Reference for Tags and All Project Elements

I am writing to you regarding the Cross Referencing of the TAGS used in Scripts and else where,

Is there any possibility to have this in the coming versions of the Ignition Software

This will definitely solve our reference issues and will enhance the product itself

Waiting to hear from you


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Could you clarify or provide an example of what you’re referring to?

In example, PLC software generally comes with a cross-reference feature, so that you can see every instance a tag/address is used within a project. It would be spiffy to have the same sort of functionality within Designer.

wonderware has this feature, and it is especially useful when deleting all references to a device that has been removed.

basically you can cross reference any tag, and find out what windows it is in and what scripts. it even tells you the pixel of the screen that it is located so that if there are multiple references on one screen.

Got it. Like a tag search or search and replace, that can work across an entire project.

Is it possible to have this in IGNITION
Because I am updating many tags from the Scripts and there is documentation for this
but for quick review if the cross reference option is available then this will help us

And this feature is not new and is available in many leading SCADA / HMI Software Providers (siemens, Wonderware…etc)

plz reply


Lets consider this,

while browsing the DB Tags and OPC Tags
if one would like to know where is this Tag used, whether used or not used?

some information like that…

here is an example of the wonderware cross reference. as you can see, you can search for all occurrences of the tag or you can break it down by area, like graphics, application scripts, etc

This is a good idea. I think the new search feature in 7.2 goes a long way towards achieving the intent of this feature. We’ll keep it in mind.

Hope you will let us know when its ready / done.


I took a look at the search & replace feature in 7.2. Either I missed something or IA did. A search & replace on selected-only is needed. There are a lot of reasons why I’m shying away from Intouch and other early 1990’s control software technology, but that control-e in Intouch’s WindowMaker is sweet.

yeah I agree. that feature would make ignition so much more powerful. ctrl e is what makes wonderware so easy to use.

Let me see if I understand how this magical ctrl-e function works…

you want to hit ctrl-e while something is selected (e.g. a SQLTag) and then have the search and replace dialog essentially come up with that tag’s path pre-filled in?

here is a screen shot of ctrl e.

basically, when you select an object on a screen, then hit ctrl e. it pops up the dialog box that shows every tag, direct or indirect, associated with that object. from there it gives you the option to search and replace. so lets say you have your tags layed out by location


you could replace just the 2w75 with 2w76 on every tag. that makes it quick and easy to copy and paste or just replace devices.

you can do this for individual objects or complete screens.

like say you have a screen that shows an oil well. do a select all, then ctrl e, and you can search and replace all of the items.

another function that is similar, is ctrl-L. it allows you to select objects and it will bring up any text on the screen.

Ok…doesn’t our new search and replace do this? I think the only thing missing is the ability to search through only some of the components on a screen rather than the whole screen.