Cross-reference Window or Templates

Is there a way to find where windows/templates are being used in a Vision project?

I need to cleanup a project, which needs removal of templates and windows, and renaming if needed, and I was hoping to find/cross-reference to make sure I am not missing any

I know if I rename a template, it does not automatically get updated in windows with new new name, so a list of cross-references would be really helpful

Control + F lets you search through your project/ all windows for your template paths/other window names. As long as your template names and window names are not very indirectly bound in some convoluted fashion in the bindings or scripting, this should turn up what you need.

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Huh! I never realised there is a dropdown in Find/Replace for selecting All Templates and All Windows. Its usually defaulted to Open Templates, and Open Windows, and hence I wasn’t getting any result


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Just FYI, IA are working on a cross-reference tool for both tags and resources. Not sure when it will be available