Cross tab grouping

I made a pivot table in Excel out of some data I exported from Ignition and I’ve been asked to make this available directly in Ignition. I’m trying to recreate this in Reporting using the CrossTab component and have part of it working - just need to add the secondary grouping here on the rows at least. I can see essentially the total rows, but not broken out by type as a secondary grouping. I’m trying to mess around with it but no luck so far - does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t care as much about the column grouping, I think I can combine those into one cell each if needed.

I think you can use the PIVOT clause of my view() expression function from the Simulation Aids module in the report designer. Haven’t tried it myself, though…

Thats interesting, and I have thought about that module a bit, but I’m not sure I could convince the guys who run the gateway to install it, despite it being free. I’ll bring it up the next time I talk with them though.