Cross-tab report issue

I am creating a cross-tab report that will be emailed as .csv file (+1 for .xlsx format :slight_smile: )

The rows will show plant and material data and total product quality. The columns show date. The report will be month-to-date so each day will have 1 more column added - then back to 1 column on first day of the month.

The problem I have is the .csv file has duplicate rows that I can’t figure out where they are coming from. As I was trying to simplify the report to find the smallest case that shows the issue I found it is related to the “reprint header rows” checkbox. When the option is true, the date headings repeat every 46 rows (46, 91, 136 etc.) When the option is false (un-checked) the data that is in row 46 gets repeated at rows 91, 136 etc.

Any ideas on what may be causing this.


Ignition: 7.8.2 Data for report coming from MySql 5.2

We had some strange issues with repeating / missing rows in the reports that seem to be solved in 7.8.4. Can you upgrade and see if it still happens? If it does, please let support know so they can make a ticket to get it resolved. Thanks! :smiley:

Sorry it took so long to reply - I thought I had tried again and reported back, but apparently I didn’t.

We have version 7.9.0 installed and I still see the same cross-tab issue.
Let me know if I can do anything else to help solve this.

Can you email / call the details in to support? Thanks!