CSS for Modal popups

For our customer, I used a modal popup for a context menu. I have background dismissable set to close the context menu when they click anywhere else on the screen . Process works as expected but the customer only has one issue with it. They don’t like the screen darkening when they open the context menu. I’ve tried adding some of the modal options to my custom theme for this customer, but have not had any luck. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

div.modal {
    background: transparent

Dang you beat me to it!

You could also change the cursor to indicate that clicking outside of the popup will do something:

.modal {
    background: transparent;
    cursor: crosshair;

I am not positive if crosshair is the best cursor for this, maybe alias? There isn’t really one that exactly depicts the action that will happen.

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Perfect thank you!! Bonus points if I can restrict this to just the context menu popup… :slight_smile:

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What’s a context menu popup?

Oh, your use-case. No. The modal overlay is universal across all modals and has no way to differentiate.

Understood, no worries. I appreciate the help.

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