Dear Brother please can you refer to the attache IMAGE
GE 2,GE- CD-8582 ( After 8582) there is a special charector
as highlighted in the attached image,

It is causing the UN-intended / UN-programmed Line Break, actually we found that
The Text Box / Number Boxes which were given SPACE at the end of the Word is creating this
Can you please suggest how to cope up with this issue


I’m sorry, I’m not understanding.

Where did this CSV file come from, and what are you trying to do with it?

Dear Mr. Carl,

I am trying to export my data to a csv file,
but when I try to restore my data from the csv file I face a fault,
please can you check

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I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to be much more specific if you expect any help:

  1. What data? Ignition deals with lots of different kinds of data.
  2. From where? There are many places to export data in Ignition. I need to know where you’re doing this export.
  3. You say you are facing “a fault”. What fault? Describe the “fault”, an error message would be nice.


We are taking the Text Box data, Numeric Field Box Data and exporting it to the CSV format
for recipes… if we give a space after typing the data in the field (text box or numeric) box,
upon exporting the data to csv, an extra space of one coloumn is being created…

fault is not ignition fault…

I don’t understand what you are doing. Can you make a short video clip of it? Or make a series of screen captures that shows the steps?