CSV format?

Hi, i have been trying to find in what format the CSV file needs to be to import into ignition.
A straight export from Siemens TIA Portal gives a csv file that cant be directly imported.

Right now the CSV file looks something like
rigg;“Array[0…5] of ““udtPumpSpec”””;0.0;;False;True;True;False;
But i am guessing it needs some changes before ignition can import it?

The best way to get it down right is to manually make a couple of test tags in Ignition and confirm that you can read/write to them Ignition. Once you got that set up correctly, right click on the Tag folder and select “export”.

If you want to export it in a CSV format, change the extension from .xml to .csv and then follow the format in the file you created to import in the rest of the tags.