CSV Import/Export

It would be nice if you placed an Import/Export menu under the File menu which imports/exports the entire project to/from a CSV file. I am aware that you can import/export the entire project, certain folders, or certain groups from Project view window.

More importantly, if you could add some type of ‘Import Type’ or ‘Import Mode’ to the CSV file. You could have Add, Replace, Update, and Ask modes. The mode would tell FactorySQL how to handle situations when the same Group exists in the CSV and FactorySQL. Add mode would add a new Group to FactorySQL with a slightly different name (Group1). Replace would delete the Group in FactorySQL and add the Group from the CSV. Update would change the FactorySQL Group according to the CSV Group. Ask mode would ask the user how to handle the import

I like this idea in theory, but in reality representing the entire project (a tree of groups of items, plus a myriad of project settings) in a CSV file (inherently a tabular format) might be a challenge. Would XML be similarly useful, or were you counting on being able to muck with the file in Excel?