CTG Col_Name Has To Match PointID

Is there a way to make the CTG work so the Col_Name doesn’t have to match the PointID?

The project I’m working on has 20 sites with the same equipment at each site. The database tables are named by site and each site has the same Col_Names.

I don’t think there’s anything in there that is specifically requiring the PointID to be the column name… I think the point id can be any value that’s unique for the point (so in this case, perhaps something like “siteid_pointid”).

Everything else about the click to graph supports the setup you’ve described, so it may just be an issue of tracking down where it generates the point id for a new pen and changing it to include the datasource name or something else.


I found the problem. I just needed to set the pen name to match the PointID not the Col_name. Thanks for help.