Ctrlgx Tags Problem

Why do not all of the tags show up for contrologix? How am I supposed to adress these? I can’t get any of these tags to work at the bit level.

I need some more info. before I can zero in and help.

What data type is the HMI_Alarms array?

What is the array length of HMI_Alarms array?

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Here is the Tag Properties

Which version of Ignition are you running? There were issues dealing with BOOL arrays that were resolved in release version 7.1.4

Running version 7.1.6(b5739)

I just noticed that the OPC Item path in the General Properties section is: [CBFilling_CTRLGX]Global.HMI_Alarms[2] which is in the global controller tags and the scope shown in the RSLogix 5000 software is Michelin_Sealed_Bin.

Does the Michelin_Sealed_Bin folder show in the OPC Browser?

No it does not. The “global” is Michelin_Seald_Bin

I’m unable to reproduce the problem on this end.

Can we setup a GotoMeeting?


Yes, I left you a message on your voice mail.

This was solved by deleting the .tags file located in the context/main/drivers/ sub directory of where Ignition is installed. After the file is deleted, click on refresh browse for the the device in the Gateway.

This issue will be solved in the next release.

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