Current date just once Popup Calendar Vision

Hello Everyone

I have a report that gets the input dates through 2 calendar popups.


Everything is working ok and I just want to start the dates by default with the actual date (The final date is NOW() and the initial date is dateArithmetic(now(),-15,'days') ) but when I try to put a different day the calendar is updated each second.


I just need that the date take just one time the current date and then the customer can modify the date as he wants but currently the customer select a date and a second later the date is updated to the current date.

I really appreciate your help with this that should be so easy but I'm a little bit lost.

now(0) if you want it to execute just once. Otherwise it's executed at the default scan rate.

Oh - you might want to fix your question title.

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Thank you very much! I knew was easy but I was confused.

Thank you again!