CurrentWindow Tag & Tab Strip

I’m recreating parts of the navigation found within the ExampleProject and I’m running into an issue …

I’ve got three Windows spread across two folders; A folder titled Bones holds a Window titled headerWindow and a folder titled Meat holds two Windows, homeWindow and dataWindow.

I’ve correctly configured the Tab Strip to navigate to my various Windows by prefixing the folder name to each NAME column’s value within my table of Tab Data. However, I’m unable to get the Tab Strip’s Selected Tab property to update correctly.

I’ve binded the Select Tab property to the CurrentWindow tag as in the ExampleProject, however the Tab Strip isn’t updating as expected … I’m assuming it’s because the CurrentWindow tag only holds the Window’s name and the Tab Strip has the folder names prefixed …

On a seperate issue, my headerWindow keeps setting it’s width to 1006 … I’m resetting it to 800 but it’ll frequently reset itself to 1006. I’ve got every Window’s Layout properties configured with …

[quote]Bounds > X: 0, Y: b[/b], Width: 800, Height: b[/b]
Minimum Size > Width: 800, Height: b[/b]
Maximum Size > Width: 1280, Height: b[/b][/quote]
… I’ve also got Constrain to Parent Container Bounds selected.

The tab strip issue is a bug - CurrentWindow should get the whole path to the window, not just its name. We’ll get that fixed…

I’m not exactly sure what you’re describing re: the sizing issue you’re talking about, but a docked-north windows’ width will be variable as it fills in all available space in the application…

Ok, sounds good!

Yeah, it’s a bit hard to describe … perhaps I can send you a backup of my project and you can see if it acts the same for you?

That could work - or maybe 1 or 2 screenshots?

Everytime I open headerWindow the Bounds Width is set to 1006

… and I’ll resize it back to 800

… and perform a Close & Commit. When I open the Window again, the Bounds Width will be set back to 1006.

Digesting your previous comment, I’ve gathered that since the Window is docked to the North, it’s filling the available space in the Designer window, (just as it would function at run-time).

I found it a put off-putting at first that I was fixing the width of a Window yet it didn’t appear as though it was being persisted. I found it to be an annoyance rather than a problem really … with a better understanding of Window layout I would have caught on quicker! Ah well, baby steps … :slight_smile:

Yep - I think you’ve got it now.