Cursor location not accurate in expression editor

I was working off a roughly 2 day old beta build. I just confirmed this is happening in the latest build also.

When editing a long expression the cursor does not represent the location that you are editing. The cursor location was accurate in the earlier parts of the expression but editing parts toward the end it was displaying the cursor in a location within a few characters of the location that is being edited when I edit. So basically, I have to make note of my expression, type a character to determine where I am editing, delete that character and use the arrow keys to move to the location I want to be editing.

I am doing this RDP’d into a cloud server that has my Ignition install in case that matters. I hope to test this on a local install later but won’t have time to do that today.

Check out this post: [DEBUG] Cursor in Scripting

If that doesn’t fix things, let us know.

Is the cache moved to this spot?
C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\datacache

I just don’t want to delete the wrong thing and screw up my stuff :slight_smile:

open windows explorer and try: %userprofile%
then look for .ignition/cache…

EDIT: this should be done on the machine that is launching designer.

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That got me to the right folder.

I had to reboot the server to delete the runtime cache folder but I was able to delete it.

My problem is fixed.

Thank you.