Cursor selection in date range

I posted this in the wrong forum and wasn’t sure how or if I could change the formum, so I apologize for the double post, but I haven’t received any feedback in “Factory PMI Help”.

I feel like I’m missing something, but I have two seemingly identical DateRange components, as far as property settings, in different windows, and the cursor will change from pointerto resize to hand based on window position relative to the selected range on one component and remain constant (as the pointer) on the other, with the former being the desired behavior. Both cursor selections are set to default. The only differences I can think of are the desired DateRange component is in a popup window and is significantly larger than the other. Any input is appreciated

I can honestly say I have not seen this behavior. My best guess would be that the mouse listeners aren’t working quite right. Would replacing in the ‘defective’ one with a fresh date range component fix the issue?

Another thought: are there any components sitting on top of it that may hijack the mouse listener?