Cursor won't change

I select the cursor to “hand” on a container. After I save the project it goes back to “default”.

Good find! I entered that into our bug tracking system. I don’t think there’s a reason for that behavior.

It seems to be true of any custom cursor on a container.

Sorry for the bump, but I was wondering if anyone has encountered a bug where the Cursor property of components somehow changes to one of the resize cursors.

You can change the cursor property of every component.

I meant it happens automatically. Usually on one of the windows I’m making changes to.

Yeah, that is a known issue. It happens when you save the window by pressing CTRL-S (rather than moving the mouse up to the save button) and your mouse happens to be over the resize borders of the window.

Well, this just happened to me. How do I get out of it? I’ve tried everything, from changing every component manually to selecting them all and changing them at once. No matter what I do, all the components revert to the resize cursor. I’m running version 3.3.3 (build 3269).

edit: Darn, I hate that. Now it’s working, and I have no idea what I did.

Don’t feel bad. Cursors are weird - they aren’t simple component properties whose values are insulated from whats going on in the system at large like other things in FactoryPMI. We need to re-write our support for them in v4, because currently these sorts of things are likely to happen.