Custom Alarm Name based on UDT instance name


Imagine I’ve an UDT and one member with an alarm.
I want the name property of the alarm to be a combination of the udt instance name and the nature of the alarm.
Ex :
UDT instance name : infeed motor
Alarm Name should be : infeed motor circuit breaker

Any idea how to achieve this ?


I’m assuming you want to display a custom alarm name in the alarm status table. I don’t think you can do that in the name property, but you can customize the display path of the alarm to display what you are trying to display. You can add the name of the UDT as a data parameter and then in the display path just bind the display path to the UDT name and add the alarm name to the end of it.


Your assumption is correct but your solution is not right for us as the display path is already used for filtering. Is it possible to use “Associated Data” in the table status ? It should then be an option…


  1. Yes, it certainly should be possible to add associated data filters on the status/journal components, I believe this is coming soon.
  2. You can reference parameters in the names of the alarms. Unfortunately there aren’t any “common” properties like “instanceName” or “tagName” (though that wouldn’t be a bad idea), but you should be able to create those yourself as parameters. You’ll have to set them on each instance, which is too bad, but it will let you achieve what you want.



Yes, using parameters is working but is quite manual operation…

Thank you