Custom Alarm Table

In PLC we received Alarm as stringArray .each index for that array had below sample

{"ID":0,"Category":0,"Active": false}

if "Active" is true mean this Alarm is active.
Is there any way to create a custom Alarm table or (Alaram Journal Table) to add rest of data. ID and Category in a separate column
can we add ID and Category in Alarm table to be logged when alarm triggered in a separate column in alarm event table?

I had same challenges in one project. I hope to get some ideas as well

Assuming I understand the question, you should look into associated data.

Associated data property doesn't appear if you import this tag .. means if i need to build dynamic script to add these tags this will not work.

Second, Is there a way to present these associated data in Alarm Journal table as a column.

No idea what you are saying for point one.

Two, yes. If you read the link these are extensions of the regular alarm props so you can use them in the alarm tables.

If i added associated data to certain tag and exported as Json format .. these property doesn't appeared in the Json format.

for point Two: in Alarm Journal table. How to add new column with associated data "ID" ?

Read the doc, columnsAssociated.

Edit, you didn't include your version, so note the versions in the doc. You will need to update if you are on an earlier version. Associated data should be in the tag export. If not, I'd call support.

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Thanks a lot @jlandwerlen .. i am able to present Associated data in Journal table.

i have version 8.1.28 but when export tag with associated date . these property doesn't appears in Json format. i hope if you can test it with one memory tag

I'll try and remember to test and let you know. But, tag export should include everything, otherwise what's the point.

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i was a mistake from me .. it's fine now