Custom alert message

Using Ignition 7.4.2
Trying to create custom alert message.
Generator is if({[Value]},“Running”,“Stopped”)
Can I embed a function in a alert message?
Want to generate an alert message that says generator is running if boolean tag is 1 and generator is stopped when 0.

The custom subject and body does not allow expression functions. You can only bring in alarm properties and tag values. In your case you will have to make an expression tag that uses the same function. You can use the new expression tag in your subject or body.

Using an expression tag works, however I can’t get the desired result in my alert message.
In my testing it seems that the deadband parameter is ignored in the digital alert, any change mode.
In the documentation it says it still applies.

I thought that if it changed and stayed in the same state until the deadband expired it would send the alert and that
to send another alert it would have to reverse and hold that state until the deadband expired again to send another alert.

I would appreciate an explanation on how it is intended to work as it has me confused.

Well, the “Any Change” ignores the time deadband right now. I think you would prefer to use an “Analog” alarm configuration where each state is a single value, >= 1 and <= 1 for example. The time deadband will work in that scenario. That way there can be a cleared state. Also, by using an analog alarm each state and can its own name which can be used when sending out the email.