Custom Alerting

I am looking for a way to script the creation of an alert and Generate custom emails.

Some items I would like to look into:

  1. Is there an ignition funtion availible to manually create an alert using a script?
    -system.alert.newAlert(system, path, stateName, minSeverity, maxSeverity, activeAndUnacked, activeAndAcked, clearAndUnacked, clearAndAcked, flatten, displayPath)

  2. Would it be best to create an Alert_RandomName_Status tag with type integer(for level) and update notes to hold alert info.
    -if so, how do I update the DBTags AlertNotes property from a client?

Info on both would be nice to have.

I’m not sure about #1, but you can insert tags on custom email messages in regards #2.

Right now there is no function to create new alerts on tags. You have to set it up through the SQLTags browser in the designer. If you put tags into a database driving provider you can dynamically make changes to tags.

Can you show me how to create an alert using a script based on my made up function (system.alert.newAlert).

When I simply add an alert in the ALERT_LOG table manually, it doesn’t show in the Alert Summary Component.

The only way to make that function right now is through the Module SDK. With that you can make your own system function to create new alerts.