Custom Authentication


I have an existing, custom authentication database I’d like to integrate with Ignition. Can you point me to the right resources to implement an authentication module? In particular, I’d like to be able to start an Ignition client with an authentication token that removes the need to enter a username/password on the client. If the authentication token is not present, authenticating against the custom database with a username/password in the client would be required.


While you can write a custom authentication profile, you won’t have the ability to totally re-define what authentication is. Currently our authentication is defined as username+password -> roles.

We have some plans to broaden this for better support of things like multi-factor authentication (RSA keys, phone factor, etc), and for totally custom stuff (fingerprint/iris scanners!), but this isn’t available yet.

You may be able to simply use the external database authentication profile by switching it expert mode and interfacing it with your database. Whats the schema look like?