Custom Chart - Custom X and Y aXis

Ok so I have a data set, that consists of datapoints(thickness) gathered at intervals (Bolts) across a sheet.

I want to create a graph With the X Axis as Bolt1, Bolt2, Bolt3, Bolt4, and the Y axis as the data points, .065, .066, .067, .066 etc… All the graphs built in want to use Date/Time as X axis… Also the Y axis will have several plots (Rolls) each with Bolt1, Bolt2, Bolt3, Bolt4, etc data. Each Roll in a different Color or Pen

Everytime I try something I get an annoying error, that I end up having to clear and delete the chart before I can experiment.

Any ideas on how to do a chart like this?

BTW, thanks for the excellent assistance with the previous questions!!

To use Strings for your X-Axis, you must use a Category Chart type.

-You’ll likely have to change the extract order to By Row get the desired effect.

-Add a new X-axis and make it a Category Axis. (Don’t delete the default Axis. It doesn’t like that.)

-In the Dataset Properties, set the X-Axis the new type and set the Renderer to Category Line/Shape (Sorry, forgot to circle that one…)

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