Custom Component Tag

I don't know how to explain this but please bear with me.

I want to be able to specifically label components so that if I want them to be styled differently, I can easily do it with the style sheet. As of right now, I've styled the table with the style sheet such that any table component will inherit that style. But, I want different types of table styles so if I could rename them to access their div specifically, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm still new to Ignition and Perspective so I don't know where I can access such a thing if it exists.

Please let me know how I can further clarify this so that I am able to implement my designs properly.

The closest you're going to get is manipulating the meta.domId property of the component to some "unique" value, then updating your stylesheet resource to only apply to specific ids.
If you set meta.domId to "myCoolTable", then you could define your rule like so:

div#myCoolTable {
    color: #00FF00;
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