Custom dark light theme perspective

I may be over thinking this one…

I set up a database with necessary colors and corresponding theme. Using tags then I created a theme tag where dark or light is then written to via a button.
Another tag, for example ‘background’ uses a small SQL select statement to chose background hex color when light or dark is selected. The view background prop is then bound to that tag.

Works great, except for one over sight. When a tag changes, it changes through all the open sessions so everyone’s themes change.

What the best way around this, Use shared scripts? I thought about custom props but would I then have to pass all the props between the views? I only want that one session to change, so the user can select if they want dark or light theme.

Before I dig in deep and over complicated it I thought I would ask the experts :slight_smile:

Sounds like something you would use session properties for.

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That worked a treat, Thank you.

I knew there was an easier way :slight_smile:

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